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Opening your F&B outlet without making loads of mistakes that will cost you tens of thousands.

Having worked with F&B businesses, we understand that opening a new F&B outlet can be a confusing and overwhelming process. The chances that you are going to make loads of mistakes is inevitable.

Let us help you get your SFA Food Shop Licence, kitchen equipment and do overall project management to ensure there are no delays in your restaurant’s opening.

No idea how to market your food business after your restaurant is opened. Get a F&B marketer to plan on how to get customer to you.

We prevent time-consuming and expensive problems, letting you focus on your business with peace of mind.

SFA & Government License Consultancy Services


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SFA License Application

All relevant document preparation and submission

Pre-inspection site visit to ensure compliance

SFA inspection arrangement

Let us handle everything leading up to your SFA inspection. We will ensure that all your paperwork is in order and that the outlet complies with SFA’s requirements, so that you will not have to waste time going back and forth between your contractor and the SFA inspector, delaying your opening.


F&B consulting

Site visit prior to signing tenancy agreement

Advising on necessary steps for SFA licence application

$150/ hour

We have met many clients that have their restaurant openings delayed because they are unsure of the requirements for the SFA licence. Whether you would like us to walk you through licence application process, or help with estimating costs and assessing a potential unit, our 1-on-1 consultation will give you a better idea of what lies ahead.


Commerical Kitchen Layout design and equipment

Kitchen design for optimum workflow and safety

Kitchen layout drawing

Get kitchen equipment at competitive prices

Advise on grant usage and application

Your kitchen workflow design and operations will be customised for efficiency. We will help you to choose reliable vendors for your kitchen equipment, advise on how to fully utilise Singapore government grants and apply for them.


Other Technology and Service

We can also source for and implement technologies that improve your business operations.

CCTV System

POS System

Human resources


Credit card terminals

Menu Design

Loyalty programme

WIFI/ Internet

Digital marketing


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