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Commercial Design

To optimise every commercial space, we place an emphasis on the following elements:

Physical decoration sets the tone for the overall mood of the space, which forms its foundation. Enhancing the visual elements of the space through physical decoration is easy with Interior Contractor, as we have handpicked a selection of premium-quality flooring materials, screens, and wall finishes for your perusal.

Visual layout dictates the aesthetic style of the space by accentuating its’ character. This aspect is governed by the choice of materials and by manipulating shapes, lighting, textures and colours to improve aesthetic appeal and enhance the overall user experience.

Acoustics management creates the appropriate sound environment that suits the purpose of the space – be it an event, dining, display or hospitality space. With the right selection of acoustic materials – such as ceiling boards, wall coverings, carpets and draperies – we can use acoustic quieting and reverberation control to limit undesirable noise.

Lighting sets the overall mood and energy level of the space. For example, bright white lighting is utilized for retail/display spaces to draw traffic, whereas a warmer tone would be more ideal for restaurants as it creates a cosier social environment. Dimmer lighting, however, may be more appropriate for places such as a hotel or a spa.

Create A Home That Is Uniquely Yours

Not sure how to create your dream home?

With Interior Contractor, our experienced designers will guide you through the renovation process.


Meet For Your Requirements

Arrange a face to face discussion with our design consultant


Idea Proposal

Discuss your designs and budget needs


Finalizing Details

Finalizing details before getting started



Start of renovation


Home Handover

Project Handover of completed project to satisfied client!

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