Interior Contractor | Residential Design
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Residential Design

At Interior Contractor, we marry creativity and meticulous execution to create conducive homes that cater to our client’s every need. Our services are crystallized from our years of experience in the industry. These include carrying out in-depth research, the conceptualisation of creative themes, specification and execution of interior fitouts.

Our client’s Lifestyle preferences are our utmost priority. In order to design a space that satisfies our clients’ desires and requirements, we would not hesitate to invest time and effort to fully grasp the nuances of their tastes, attitudes and perceptions of style.

Space Functionality is carefully considered and incorporated in the planning stage to meet the client’s needs. For homes with limited space, we develop out-of-the-box solutions to maximise every precious metre.

Style & Design brings out the vibrant soul of a home. Hence, we aspire to turn any architectural dream into a reality.

Create A Home That Is Uniquely Yours

Not sure how to create your dream home?

With Interior Contractor, our experienced designers will guide you through the renovation process.


Meet For Your Requirements

Arrange a face to face discussion with our design consultant


Idea Proposal

Discuss your designs and budget needs


Finalizing Details

Finalizing details before getting started



Start of renovation


Home Handover

Project Handover of completed project to satisfied client!

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